Charter Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Charter HELICOPTER

1. Charterer will provide all local permission, permit and clearances required under the applicable law for the landing & parking of the Helicopter, operation and maintenance etc of the Helicopter including providing the co-ordinates & dimensions for the helipad. Such permissions, permits, and clearances shall be provided by Charterer in advance and before the commencement of the flying. All such Approvals shall be kept valid at all times during the term of this Charter. The Charterer shall indemnify the Operator in case of any irregularity in taking the Approvals and in result of which a fine or penalty is imposed on the Operator. The charter MUST handover hard copies of such written permissions to the Pilot-in-Command prior to the departure .

 2. Charterer will provide proper parking of the Helicopter at the helipads.

3. Routes will  calculated ex decided airport . In case of any more destinations included, the charges will be extra.

 4. Charterer will provide a suitable helipad and its associated infrastructure such as firefighting services, storage facilities for the fuel, wind sock etc at all Helipad and comply with all legal norms.

5. All flying will be carried out strictly within the rules stipulated by the Director General of Civil Aviation, ATC, Home ministry, Defense ministry and local Administration .

 6. In the interest of flight safety, the Charterer agrees that during the entire flying period, the decision of the pilot-in-command (PIC) of the Helicopter will be final and undisputed in terms of suitability of weather, fitness of take-off and landing airfields/helipads, and carriage of passengers/cargo.

7. The Charterer will provide three Grade plus lodging and boarding facilities for  pilots and  engineers during and night halt or else Jettech Aviation will charge  extra (night charge) towards the above arrangements for the crew team

 8. The Charterer will make sure and will be its responsibility that all the passengers traveling are medically fit to travel by helicopter.

 9. Transportation of the fuel will be the responsibility of the charter and the cost of fuel is inclusive of the per hour rate quoted above.

10. The Flying Charges for any flying above anticipated flying hours Or Minimum Guaranteed Flying Hours @ 02 Hrs per day shall be paid on submission of Final Invoice.

11. Any charges towards extension of Watch Hours at any airport, Landing, parking, and security charges at any airfield or helipad or others will be paid by Charterer.

 12. In case of night halt, the security arrangement of the helicopter will be the responsibility of the charterer / client. In case opted otherwise, Jettech Aviation will charge another Rs. 40,000/- extra towards such security arrangement at the place of the night halt.

 13. The operator will make all efforts to ensure that helicopter is airworthy and is fit to fly at all times. In case the helicopter becomes unserviceable or Aircraft on Ground (AOG) for any technical/operational reasons, the operator will not refund the advance for unutilized hours. However, the unutilized hours can be used later as mutually decided by the Charterer & Jettech Aviation.

 14. The Charterer shall indemnify and hold harmless Jettech Aviation, its employees or representatives from any or against all claims and costs, demands actions including legal fees and costs whatsoever arising out of the use of the Helicopter under this MOU and will also Indemnify Jettech Aviation, its Directors against any litigations due to any tasks or operations assigned by the company.

15. The Helicopter will be used for legal activities and should not violate any rules /regulations of government regulations.

16. Security: - Charterer will ensure the following:-   Helipad Security: - All helipads where the helicopter is expected to land/operate should be fully secure. Suitable protection will be deployed to ensure no threat is proposed during the operation and parking of the helicopter.   The helipad should be secured against any interference from mob or unruly crowd.   Proper screening will be done for all passengers’ baggage and the support staff. Operating Staff: - Security of pilots, engineers and support staff will be ensured during their stay, movement from one place to another and while working as the helipad on ground. Advance Information: - The pilot in charge will be briefed by the Government security personal of any disturbed area over which the flying is to be undertaken.

17. 50% of the total payment shall be made as advance at the time of signing the contract. Rest 50% of the quoted amount will be paid before departure from Delhi (VIDP).

18. Any delay in payment by the Charter will be charged an interest @15% per anum .

19. All applicable taxes on Chartering Charges as specified above as per Rules & Regulation of the Government of India or any governing authority, if any, shall be payable in addition to the Chartering charges as specified above.

20. In case of cancellation of sortie by Charterer, following cancellation charges will be applicable: Before 72 hrs of charter commencement 25% of the Value  Between 72 hrs – 24 hrs of Charter commencement 50% of the Value Less than 24 hrs of charter commencement 100% of the Value.

 21. Payments must be paid 100% in advance before commencement of the sortie. The payment should be made in shape of Crossed Cheques / Demand Drafts and are subject to realization before commencement of the sortie. Cheques / DDs .

22. In case of a Night Halt, one AME will be traveling by road to the night halt place in order to approve the DI as per DGCA rule. The transportation along with lodging, boarding for the AME, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the charterer.

 All disputes are subjected to Delhi jurisdiction only

We require Names, Nationality, Passport No., Date of issue and Date of expiry of Passport of passengers traveling well in advance to obtain prior permissions in case of foreign passengers.




    Terms & Conditions of Charter Aircraft


    1.      For confirmation, we require 100% advance, based on the indicated flying time, overnight stay, waiting charges etc. vide Cheque/Draft in favor of Safe Fly aviation Services Pvt Ltd at New Delhi
    2.     Minimum 2hrs flying time will be charged on everyday basis. The flying time quoted above is approximate and may vary. The final settlement of bills shall be done on actual hrs flown, over and above the estimated flying time.
    3.     Above flight timings are indicated in NIL wind conditions and billing would be on actual time taken for the flight “chokes off to chokes on”, depending upon weather / wind, fog / visibility conditions and flight schedules are subject to change / divert due to weather conditions, flight           safety and operational restrictions.
    4.     In case of cancellation, 100% of the charter cost shall be deducted if no notice/no show, 50% of the charter cost if the flight is cancelled less than 24hrs of scheduled departure, 25% if less than 72 hrs and 10% if cancelled before 72 hrs of scheduled departure.
    5.     In case of multi leg charter cancellation of one or more leg after confirmation of the charter will result in no refund or as agreed upon during the contract/confirmation, quotes given in block hour will be final there will be no refund in case of flight time is less than quoted hours any           sector added will be charged extra.
    6.     All costs are estimated & based on distance and approximate cruising speed of the aircraft in nil wind conditions. Any delay /diversion due to bad weather or refueling purpose, VVIP/VIP flight, unserviceable runway etc. have not been taken into consideration.
    7.     FORCE MAJURE Operator does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reason/s such as 1. Bad Weather 2. Poor Visibility 3. Non – Availability of clearances from ATC / Defense Authorities / Civil Administration 4. Technical Problem.
    8.     Due to above reasons if the flight cannot take off from the Originating station full amount will be refunded.
    9.     We always obtain the destination weather before departure. However, if due to sudden deterioration of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft cannot land at the Destination and has to return to the starting point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be               chargeable and balance if any, would be payable / refundable.
    10.     Operator is not responsible if any technical snag developed in the aircraft which cannot be rectified within the time limit and effect the operation of flight.
    11.     Government taxes & levies if any, will be paid by the customer.
    12.     Flight will be treated confirm after receiving 100% advance deposit by cheque / DD/RTGS in favor of                                          " Safe Fly Aviation Services Pvt Ltd New Delhi".
    13.      Confirmation of charter to uncontrolled airstrips should be given before 12 working hrs from the departure time.
    14.     The  quotation is valid for 24hrs only from the date of issue or as agreed upon.
    15.     A Service Tax of 14% will be applicable on all the charges.


    All disputes are subjected to Delhi jurisdiction only

    We require Names, Nationality, Passport No., Date of issue and Date of expiry of Passport of passengers traveling well in advance to obtain prior permissions in case of foreign passengers.


    The following items are not permitted on board aircraft:

    Compressed gases (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous)
    Explosives (munitions, fireworks and flares)*
    Corrosives (acids, alkalies, mercury and wet cell batteries) 
Radio-active material 
Flammable liquids and solids (lighter fuel, matches of any kind, paints, thinners and fire-lighters) 
Poisons (weed-killer, insecticides and live virus or bacteria) 
Oxidising materials (peroxides and bleaching powder) 
    Other items which are irritating or offensive materials or magnetised materials.

    In addition, the carriage of any other kind of hazardous goods, weapons, guns, knives, sharp implements or pressurised cylinders on the Aircraft shall not be permitted without the prior written consent of Jettech Aviation (only as per the rules and guidelines of BCAS,GOI.CISF or any other government authority)

    Jettech Aviation, its staff and employees,associates, the Captain or members of the flight crew shall have the right to refuse carriage of any goods should they deem such goods to be potentially hazardous

                                        Terms and conditions subject to change without notice         

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