We respect our client’s value for time at JETTECH AVIATION, every member of our team understands that. The pilots are only of the best caliber and the cabin crew the most competent in the air charter industry. Crew members are required to go through several re-training sessions each year, to ensure that they are completely up-to-date in the specific aircraft they fly as well as they meet the latest DGCA requirements.

Because we believe in setting our standards one bar above the rest, we make sure that everyone, from our pilots to our crew members, are more than qualified to meet all your demands.

The Pilots at your service:

    Have over 5000 hours and 25 years of flying experience

    Are highly qualified to meet any situation

    Have passed all the necessary tests that DGCA requires

    Must have current ground simulator training

Every pilot’s track record is available for review and the services of our cabin crew are available on request, at no additional cost. Prior to each flight we conduct a Company Check about our pilots, which provides instantaneous, up-to-date information including complete and in-depth certification, incident reports and historical flight details. Furthermore, you are assured of flying with the best air charter pilots in the industry. To ensure quality and safety, we continually monitor the pilots throughout their flight to the desired destination, providing maximum support to client and operator.

Our accident-free history ensures you that we never use a questionable aircraft or a flight crew. Our crew members are very soft spoken, multicultural, multilingual and have varied experience in air charter industry to understand the unique requirements of its passengers aboard. Our crew members ensure that you do not have to wait in airport lines and will personally guide you through check-in and also ensure that all passengers are escorted to the aircraft safely. We have our expert team of professionals on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide all possible assistance in obtaining landing and over-flight permits, providing load masters at departure and arrival airports - plus other services such as cargo clearance and onward transport.

Precision flight planning and follow up by our experienced flight supervisors ensures your trip will run smoothly.